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PS9: New Library Has No Librarian, Closes

As reported on Brooklyn Ink:

On November 12, P.S. 9 and M.S. 571 unveiled a revamped school library, which they promptly closed, because there was no librarian … Sandra D’Avilar, Principal of the elementary school that renovated the library: “And it’s still not enough to make someone from the Board of Education call and say, ‘hey, we found some money. We‘re going to send someone you can interview, and we’re going to find you a librarian.’”

Link: Brooklyn School Library Opens – and Closes – its Doors [Brooklyn Ink]

Thirstbaràvin – "Natural" Wine Bar on Classon Ave.

Heads up on a new wine bar with a twist – Thirstbaràvin – on the fringes of Prospect Heights:

“Emilia Valencia and Michael Yarmark, Brooklynites for about a dozen years who also run Thirst Wine Merchants in the Fort Greene section, are operating the new undertaking. Their wines are made from grapes grown without the use of fertilizers or pesticides.”

“The chef is Ginevra Iverson, formerly of Prune, on East 1st Street. The operation had a soft opening last week, but now is fully open for business.”

A natural wine bar grows in Brooklyn – New York State Wine |

Here’s a Village Voice blog review:

Black Population Declines by "Double Digits" in Prospect Heights

Census numbers are out and detail the “suburban flight” of blacks and latinos. The New York Times reports:

“The number of Hispanic residents declined in tracts in Williamsburg, Bushwick and Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and in Washington Heights, but increased in the north Bronx; Woodside and Ozone Park, Queens; and central Harlem. The black population shrunk by double digits in Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights, Clinton Hill and Fort Greene, in central Harlem and in South Ozone Park, but jumped in Canarsie and Flatlands, Brooklyn, and in Springfield Gardens, Queens.

Link: Region is Reshaped as Minorities Move to Suburbs [New York Times]

New Jersey Nets may be "Brooklyn New Yorkers"

From the big-money-behind-bad-ideas dept:

On September 30, two lawyers associated with a large Philadelphia law firm sought trademark protection for the name, “Brooklyn New Yorkers”, three logos featuring either a basketball or a basketball player and the Brooklyn Bridge and even a slogan, “We Come to Play”
… The decision to seek trademark protection around the time the team informed the NBA it would be changing its name from the “New Jersey Nets.”

Link: Who Are “Brooklyn New Yorkers”? [Nets Daily]

Where to Watch Friday's Debate?

pwaltman_1972 asks on the Prospect Heights board at “Manhattan Drinking Liberally and the Young Democrats are sponsoring an event at The Tank in Chinatown, but I’d prefer something a little closer to home… Does anyone know of a place in PS or PH that’s planning on showing it? I just called The Commonwealth in PS, which normally will show political events, but since it’s a Friday the bartender wasn’t 100% sure…”

Here are a few ideas for starters:

  • Check with David at Tavern on Nostrand in CH. Every time there’s been a debate (democratic) and I’ve been in there its been on,” (tip: homeowner)
  • Plan B on Vanderbilt will probably show it. (tip: Old Time Brooklyn)
  • If all else fails, rtraindweller is offering up his apartment for the event (famous last words).
  • There’s an Obama watch party at Cafe Shane on Washington that night (apollonia666 will be there).

Get your politically correct drink on – over at the Prospect Heights Message Board: Where to Watch Friday’s Debate? (

PROSPECT HEIGHTS FAMINE: Rash of Summer Closings

Joyce closed… Christie’s closed… El Gran Castillo de Jagua (home of the Meat Vent) closed… What’s next?

meganlibrarian writes:

Last night I arrived back in NYC after 2 weeks away. I went for a quick walk, at the end of which I decided that I wanted a coco bread to go with dinner. Walking toward Christie’s at 7PM, I noticed that their gate was down and signs were up in the windows. Heart sinking, I walked up and read one of the signs: on vacation from 7/14-7/21, opening again on 7/22.

I damned near had a heart attack. Meat Vent’s DOH’ed and Christie’s is closed for vacation? What in the hell do I do for my weekend lunches?!?

LINK: Christie’s closed! (Prospect Heights forum on

Gentrification Begets Bedbugs – And Brokers are Mum

RBG writes on the Prospect Heights message board at

WHICH LOCAL REAL ESTATE AGENT … is showing apartments in a building on St. Johns place that is infested with bedbugs?

She’s not telling unsuspecting renters why the apartments are vacant although the mattresses, bedding, futon, and furniture outside of the building should be a dead giveaway. Buyer beware.

Sadly, a moving truck was outside 349 St. Johns this weekend. If you walk past the building, you’ll see a ton of furniture with the word “bedbugs” spraypainted in red paint. I think these are the third tenants to move out in a month. The unidentified real estate broker continues to knowingly re-rent apartments in the infested building. The word on the street is that old-time tenants in the building are very angry. For years, they lived in the apartments (albeit with drug dealers, noise, etc.) and didn’t have bedbugs until new people moved in and started bringing in old furniture from off the street…

LINK:  BLIND ITEM….WHICH LOCAL REAL ESTATE AGENT… (Prospect Heights message board at

Save The Letters! ASSOCIATED Market Turns Organic

whynot_31 writes on Brooklynian’s Prospect Heights Message Board:

I’ve requested the remaining letters of the as_oc_i_ted, want one?

For those of you who are not aware, the run down former Associated on Underhill has closed, and will soon re-open as an organic fruit and veggie store.

To me, the event symbolizes the final blow to the previous version of my corner of Prospect Heights. As one walks on Underhill, Sepia (and the resturant next door) arrived a few years ago, and ice cream place recently opened.

Is this an event to celebrate or mourn? It doesn’t matter, as the subtitle reports, I’ve requested the remaining letters (plastic, gross, perhaps roach infested…). The contractor said “sure, they come off next week and I’ll save ’em for you”

If I end up actually getting them, I hereby pledge to give them to anyone interested in celebrating (or mourning) the end of an era on Underhill.

If you’d like one, post how you will sterilize them, and display them proudly…. assuming the contractor follows thru as planned, the letters will be given away at Sepia next week….

Request a Letter (for the sake of preservation!) on