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Prospect Heights a Historic District? -Update

On Gowanus Lounge:

The creation of a Prospect Heights Historic District is making progress. The Landmarks Preservation Commission will “calendar” the district this Tuesday (7/15), which is the first step in formally creating it…

The Chair of the PHNDC says: “The Landmarks Commission has obviously recognized the threat posed to the character of one of Brooklyn’s most well-preserved brownstone neighborhoods. The pressure from the Atlantic Yards project and other recent developments are of grave concern to the hundreds of local residents who have written in support of historic designation for Prospect Heights.”


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The Con Ed Bulbs: Can Fluorescent Light Be Bearable?

Do you care so much about the environment (or your electric bill) that you would put up with dingy, soul-sucking fluorescent light in your most sacred of spaces? Or are Con Ed’s free CFLs really a great leap forward from the stark, buzzing, flickering blue bulbs that dutifully lit your grandfather’s utility shed?

dojoji writes on the Prospect Heights Forum | Message Boards: “Has anyone gotten the free light bulb exchange from ConEd? The guy is here right now–on a ladder–changing all my lightbulbs for me. They are called CFL (fluorescent) and they work fine and light the room in the same way that regular bulbs do. So I’m not complaining–and if my electric bill goes down then I’ll be REALLY excited.”

“He says it saves 75% on energy from the lights.
Funny story–he says Brooklyn residents are holding out because they do not trust Con Ed. LOL. They expect it to take 4 years for Brooklyn residents to fully convert.”

So are CFLs going to be recommended by HGTV designers any time soon? sweet tea responds: “i relented and let one of these guys replace some of my bulbs….enh. i didn’t do the lamps or the kitchen overhead because i hate the quality of light from the CFLs. yeah, they’re better than they were 15 years ago when my dad first started buying them from our neighbor with the solar roof, but they’re not that much better. i find the light ugly and depressing.”

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Underhill Ave. Mugging: Police Say Leave (?)

thatdog99 writes in regarding an incident that happened last night around 5:30PM on the corner of Underhill Avenue & Prospect Avenue:

“My friend was walking home from his work commute, when he was thrown to the ground, he was punched in the face and nose, as well as kicked in and around his stomach. His wallet and bag were stolen from him.”

“… when he went to the police to file a report today …The police said in the past six months crime in the area has risen, and that, which is what disturbs me as well as I live near the corner of St. John’s & Underhill, there is a group of teens/young men who hang at St. John’s & Underhill Ave, that even as young as 14, have been involved in numerous violent crimes and assaults.”

“The general description of many of the victims of recent muggings in the area, are Caucasian males, short hair, carrying a bag slung over the shoulder. I just wanted to share this information with you, so that you might serve as a way to get a warning out there.  I am far from an alarmist, but it did actually send a shockwave through me when one of the police officers told my friend that he should really move out of the neighborhood as its safety is very much in question.”

Our Building is Switching to Biofuel

News from sterling2000:

Joined: 22 Jun 2005; Posts: 360
Location: The intersection of Blight Street and Gentrification Avenue.

Just this past week, the Board of our building (of which I am President) made the decision to switch to biofuel over oil for our heating needs.
With the cost of oil continuing to skyrocket, significant dependence on foreign oil and ever-escalating news of global warming impacts, we made the decision even though there is a slightly higher cost annually.

I would invite other buildings and homeowners to look into this for themselves at The process has been easy thus far and we believe it will be of huge benefit to our 20-unit building and the neighborhood at large over time.

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Mooney's Closing; Emergency Happy Hour Planned

EasternPkwyQ writes on the Prospect Heights Forum | Message Boards:

“Mr. Mooney received an eviction notice on October 30th, giving him 30 days to get out. Apparently, the landlord raised the rent from $xxxx to $xxxx and Mooney countered with an offer of $xxxx. The response he received was the eviction notice.”

“Seems pretty extreme – I’m sure they’re hoping that American Apparel’s good buddies at Starbucks or some such place will take over the location. It makes me nauseous.”

“For me, this is a tremendous loss of a lovely neighborhood gathering spot. It may not be the hippest or the most glamorous, but it’s such a great place to meet and talk to your neighbors – people from all backgrounds gather there and actually interact with one another. I have met some wonderful people there who I now count amongst closest friends.”

“The landlord is Lina Fang of Johore Realty – the same person (or at least so I hear) that has evicted Royal Video. I don’t know what else they own, but I certainly plan to boycott whatever takes over these leases and I hope others will do the same. This isn’t Manhattan and we live here because it’s not Manhattan and we want local business owners who actually contribute to – and care about – the neighborhood and the people in it. Mooney’s does that and this is a tremendous loss to Prospect Heights and Park Slope.” Read more on this thread: Mooney’s Evicted! (

Extra! Is it too early for a real Irish wake? Come mourn at the semi-official Happy Hour – 7 p.m. – Thurs, 11/15/07 – Mooney’s last hurrah

Crown Fried Chicken on Washington and Prospect Shuts its Doors

liftandcut writes: “Sucks that Crown Fried Chicken closed. Those guys who ran the place were nice dudes. Compared to other Kennedy and Crown Frieds I have been to, it was definitely the best. Clean, and relatively good food that I believe was Halal.”

As a partner in an establishment in Brooklyn, I know how stressful it is to run a business, and how hard emotionally and financially it is to have the spectre of losing a lease looming. Hope those guys do well in the future.


This corner lot be an interesting space to watch. Read more on this thread:

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Strangers Peering Into Fire Escapes (Underhill Ave.)

Reported by: UnderTheHill (Newbie)

Joined: 13 Sep 2006
Posts: 27
Location: Underhill btw Sterling & St. Johns

I got home tonight and noticed by the mailboxes that a tenant put up a sign that she saw someone peeping into her place through the fire escape in the back of the building during the early AM hours.
There was a followup note by another tenant that the same thing happened to them, and comments written on both by at least 5-7 other tenants that this too has happened to them during this week.
The two main writers did write that they called 911 to report this, because when they saw the person and screamed, he ran up the fire escape to the roof.


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Beyond Pathetic: Passing Fake $20s at a Prospect Heights Stoop Sale

UPDATE: At least two other stoop sales got burned by this guy (or these guys) this past weekend. See the thread for details:
Report by: spec* | Newbie | Joined: 23 Aug 2007
Location: prospect heights

a few folks had a stoop sale today on the corner of park and vanderbilt. turns out when one of us tried to use some of the $, she learned we had been given two fairly undetectable counterfeit 20$ bills in the sale– and given back the counterfeiter 15-18$ in change on two separate occasions.

obviously we’ve been scammed for the cash. we think we know by whom– and i think this person’s been going around and doing this at many stoop sales in brooklyn. just a warning to check the 20$ bills for all those stoop sale-ers.

these counterfeit bills are shiny and a little smaller and do not appear real when held up to the light. not everyone is honest in our hoods and it sucks to have our wholesome little sale soured. it’s just not cool, it’s illegal, and it’s not like we’re raking in the dough selling off our two dollar books and cds to bolster our student loans.

stoop sale enterpeneurs, beware!

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Terriers Beware: "Light-Skinned Asian" Skateboarders in BoCoCa

Author: corbinbernsenfan
Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 12:54 pm (GMT -4)

I for one think that skateboarders can reach speeds of more than 50 mph… I was walking through BocoCa last wed and several light skinned Asian men flew by me on these boards almost killing my Boston Terrier. Police in this area should really not hesitate to bring in these characters and charge them with whatever crime they probably committed.
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