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You Can Help Design a Garden at the Children’s Library Entrance on Eastern Parkway

Have you noticed that sad patch of land in front of the children’s
library entrance on Eastern Parkway?

I am a volunteer with the Brooklyn Botanic Garden who is involved with
a garden project to transform this space.

Each year, Greenbridge, the outreach arm of the Botanic Gardens,
trains a small group of volunteers to become Brooklyn Urban Gardeners

These volunteers (of whom I was one this year) are then assigned
community garden projects in Brooklyn to work on.

My group is working with the BPL at Grand Army Plaza to help develop
the small patch of land that sits in front of the entrance to the
Children’s Library on Eastern Parkway (right next to Mount Prospect

On 2/11/12 we are holding our second public meeting at the library
where we are inviting members of the public to get involved and
invested in the project and help turn this very sad patch of unused
land into an inspiring entrance for the childrens library.

Let me know if you are able to help (or would like to become involved


David Phillips.

606 R&D is Open for Dinner on Vanderbilt Avenue

606 R&D is open for dinner as of last night. This is the place at 606 Vanderbilt (between St. Marks and Prospect) that’s owned by two former City Bakery people. Early reports are that the food is great and the prices are reasonable. For the moment, they’re just open for dinner Wednesday through Sunday but will expand hours starting in February. Website with menu here: and a first look at 606 R&D from Time Out New York makes it look very promising.

via 606 R&D is open for dinner! « Brooklynian | Brooklyn Blog and Message Boards.

Photo: Time Out New York.

What are the Plans to Improve Dean Playground?

through the stand of hands

Brooklyn Chief of Staff Marty Maher is coming to a joint meeting of Friends of Dean Playground and Dean Street Block Association to share plans for improvements to the playground.  A comfort station will be built this year and a little further into the future the seating area will be renovated.

Please join us to learn the details and see the plans!

DATE:  February 6th @ 6 PM

LOCATION:  Iglesia Evangelica Latina, 506 Bergen Street

Photo: Tracy Collins

Prospect Heights’ Gerrymandered Senate District Looks Like an Ostrich, Or…

Prospect Heights Gerrymandered Senate District

The state redistricting proposal released yesterday has Prospect Heights’ District 20 drawn up with some interesting new lines. Sen. Eric Adams’ block is gerrymandered out, and–for unknown reasons–there’s a 26-block strip along Fourth Avenue, going down to Sunset Park. Amy Sara Clark writes: “District 20’s neat triangle shape now looks more like an ostrich, or a construction site digger, or, as one Brooklynite envisions it, a motorcycle.”

Read more: Spoof of the Day: Prospect Heights’ Gerrymandered Senate District – Prospect Heights, NY Patch.

Vanderbilt Avenue – 3 Thefts in 24 Hours

The Sunburnt Calf - Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Patch reports that a thieves hit 3 Vanderbilt Avenue businesses in less than 24 hours last week:

  • Jan 19, 10:15 am: at The Sunburnt Calf, a bag (belonging to the owner) was swiped off a table. Contents: a $2,000 MacBook Pro. Apparently the owner left it unattended for about 5 minutes around 10:15 am in the empty, unlocked restaurant.
  • Jan 19, 3 pm: at The Wine Exchange, a woman grabbed a store clerk’s bag and ran. The bag had $300 in cash and $250 in jewelry in it.
  • Some time between 11 pm Jan 18 and 1:30 am Jan 19: at Weather Up, an iPad was grabbed from an unattended bag.

More info: String of Thefts on Vanderbilt Avenue – Prospect Heights, NY Patch; photo via Brooklyn Exposed.

Lost and Possibly Abandoned Cat found on Prospect Pl between Grand and Classon

Lost Cat, Prospect Heights, Crown Heights

This friendly, female cat, about 7-8 years old and missing a front tooth, was found hanging around outside a stoop on Prospect between Grand & Classon. “She’s way too used to people and sweet to be a pure street cat,” Nikonista writes on the Brooklynian message boards. “We think she may be lost (or may have been abandoned, in which case I wish hellfire on those who did it).” If you know anything about this cat, go here:

Found – Lost Cat, Prospect Place between Grand Ave and Classon, Brooklyn » Brooklynian.

Oprah Talks to Black Hasidic Jews (and Many Others) – Find Out What They Say on February 12-13

Black Hasidic Jews are a minority of a minority of a minority in Crown Heights and elsewhere. In yeshivas, they are sometimes taunted as “monkeys,” according to the New York Times, and  are greeted with blank stares at kosher restaurants and synagogues. In Crown Heights, Black Hasidic Jews tried to form a minyan–a quorum of 10 men required for group prayer–but they had a bit of a setback when Yoseph Robinson, a Jamaican, was killed when would-be robbers stormed the kosher liquor store where he worked, leaving only 9.

This is just one of the groups Oprah will talk to in Hasidic Jews of Brooklyn , which documents her visit back in October to the Hasidic Jewish communities of Borough Park and Crown Heights. She got “unprecedented access” to these tight-knit and “mysterious” cultures. The show will document the daily life in these communities, and their intense spiritual devotion, which means that  (gasp) they raise their kids without most modern media — no TV, movies, internet or video games.

Highlights: Oprah sits down with a family of 12 for a traditional meal; she interviews Hasidic mothers and wives (a “no holds barred” interview, no less); she gets a tour of a Mikvah; and she meets with what they say is “one of the few black Hasidic Jewish families in the country” (and they are pretty much right, it seems).

Tivo it. It will be broadcast in two parts: Sunday, February 12, from 9:00 – 10:00 p.m., and Monday, February 13, from 10:00 – 11:00 p.m. – via Oprah’s Next Chapter Is EXPANDING! | Photo: – Oprah Seen in Crown Heights (from back in October when they were filming).

IDT Energy Scam Going on in Crown Heights

Alert!  fjordz just reported that IDT Energy scammers were just on St. Marks and Nostrand, just a few hours ago: “A young girl came to the door and told me she was “Officer Jones” and asked me to please get a copy of my gas & electric bill…”

I told her, ”No thanks, and what you’re doing is a scam.”

Her “manager” came along and things got pretty tense: IDT energy scam « Brooklynian | Brooklyn Blog and Message Boards.

Local muggings! Look out! « Brooklynian | Brooklyn Blog and Message Boards


Lizell writes: “A friend of mine was in the area looking for an apartment. He was mugged at gunpoint for his iPhone at Park Place and Franklin Avenue around 7:30pm. He was waiting for the broker to show and as she called the guy showed up and mugged him.”

“The avenue is busy that time of night – I got home only minute ago. I passed 6 cops on my way from eastern to park place as well. Brazen stuff.”

via Local muggings! Look out! « Brooklynian | Brooklyn Blog and Message Boards.

Park Pl   Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, Kings, New York 11238 - Google Maps-235926

What does “Gentrification” Mean in Crown Heights?

After years of writing about gentrification, Nick Juravich posted about the term on Huffington Post:

“… From my admittedly limited perspective, I’ve come to feel the term fails to explain some key trends in Crown Heights, and that understanding the neighborhood means taking other long-term forces like (im)migration and community organizing seriously as agents of change and continuity. It’s no revelation, but I do feel it’s been missing from some of the more recent reports on the area.).”

(artwork by Robert Toyokazu Troxell and Grace Sachi Troxell, on display at Five Myles Gallery on St. Johns’s Place)

via I love Franklin Ave.