You Can Help Design a Garden at the Children’s Library Entrance on Eastern Parkway

Have you noticed that sad patch of land in front of the children’s
library entrance on Eastern Parkway?

I am a volunteer with the Brooklyn Botanic Garden who is involved with
a garden project to transform this space.

Each year, Greenbridge, the outreach arm of the Botanic Gardens,
trains a small group of volunteers to become Brooklyn Urban Gardeners

These volunteers (of whom I was one this year) are then assigned
community garden projects in Brooklyn to work on.

My group is working with the BPL at Grand Army Plaza to help develop
the small patch of land that sits in front of the entrance to the
Children’s Library on Eastern Parkway (right next to Mount Prospect

On 2/11/12 we are holding our second public meeting at the library
where we are inviting members of the public to get involved and
invested in the project and help turn this very sad patch of unused
land into an inspiring entrance for the childrens library.

Let me know if you are able to help (or would like to become involved


David Phillips.