Gentrification Begets Bedbugs – And Brokers are Mum

RBG writes on the Prospect Heights message board at

WHICH LOCAL REAL ESTATE AGENT … is showing apartments in a building on St. Johns place that is infested with bedbugs?

She’s not telling unsuspecting renters why the apartments are vacant although the mattresses, bedding, futon, and furniture outside of the building should be a dead giveaway. Buyer beware.

Sadly, a moving truck was outside 349 St. Johns this weekend. If you walk past the building, you’ll see a ton of furniture with the word “bedbugs” spraypainted in red paint. I think these are the third tenants to move out in a month. The unidentified real estate broker continues to knowingly re-rent apartments in the infested building. The word on the street is that old-time tenants in the building are very angry. For years, they lived in the apartments (albeit with drug dealers, noise, etc.) and didn’t have bedbugs until new people moved in and started bringing in old furniture from off the street…

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