PROSPECT HEIGHTS FAMINE: Rash of Summer Closings

Joyce closed… Christie’s closed… El Gran Castillo de Jagua (home of the Meat Vent) closed… What’s next?

meganlibrarian writes:

Last night I arrived back in NYC after 2 weeks away. I went for a quick walk, at the end of which I decided that I wanted a coco bread to go with dinner. Walking toward Christie’s at 7PM, I noticed that their gate was down and signs were up in the windows. Heart sinking, I walked up and read one of the signs: on vacation from 7/14-7/21, opening again on 7/22.

I damned near had a heart attack. Meat Vent’s DOH’ed and Christie’s is closed for vacation? What in the hell do I do for my weekend lunches?!?

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