Where to Watch Friday's Debate?

pwaltman_1972 asks on the Prospect Heights board at Brooklynian.com: “Manhattan Drinking Liberally and the Young Democrats are sponsoring an event at The Tank in Chinatown, but I’d prefer something a little closer to home… Does anyone know of a place in PS or PH that’s planning on showing it? I just called The Commonwealth in PS, which normally will show political events, but since it’s a Friday the bartender wasn’t 100% sure…”

Here are a few ideas for starters:

  • Check with David at Tavern on Nostrand in CH. Every time there’s been a debate (democratic) and I’ve been in there its been on,” (tip: homeowner)
  • Plan B on Vanderbilt will probably show it. (tip: Old Time Brooklyn)
  • If all else fails, rtraindweller is offering up his apartment for the event (famous last words).
  • There’s an Obama watch party at Cafe Shane on Washington that night (apollonia666 will be there).

Get your politically correct drink on – over at the Prospect Heights Message Board: Where to Watch Friday’s Debate? (Brooklynian.com)

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