Save The Letters! ASSOCIATED Market Turns Organic

whynot_31 writes on Brooklynian’s Prospect Heights Message Board:

I’ve requested the remaining letters of the as_oc_i_ted, want one?

For those of you who are not aware, the run down former Associated on Underhill has closed, and will soon re-open as an organic fruit and veggie store.

To me, the event symbolizes the final blow to the previous version of my corner of Prospect Heights. As one walks on Underhill, Sepia (and the resturant next door) arrived a few years ago, and ice cream place recently opened.

Is this an event to celebrate or mourn? It doesn’t matter, as the subtitle reports, I’ve requested the remaining letters (plastic, gross, perhaps roach infested…). The contractor said “sure, they come off next week and I’ll save ’em for you”

If I end up actually getting them, I hereby pledge to give them to anyone interested in celebrating (or mourning) the end of an era on Underhill.

If you’d like one, post how you will sterilize them, and display them proudly…. assuming the contractor follows thru as planned, the letters will be given away at Sepia next week….

Request a Letter (for the sake of preservation!) on

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