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Thirstbaràvin – "Natural" Wine Bar on Classon Ave.

Heads up on a new wine bar with a twist – Thirstbaràvin – on the fringes of Prospect Heights:

“Emilia Valencia and Michael Yarmark, Brooklynites for about a dozen years who also run Thirst Wine Merchants in the Fort Greene section, are operating the new undertaking. Their wines are made from grapes grown without the use of fertilizers or pesticides.”

“The chef is Ginevra Iverson, formerly of Prune, on East 1st Street. The operation had a soft opening last week, but now is fully open for business.”

A natural wine bar grows in Brooklyn – New York State Wine |

Here’s a Village Voice blog review:

PH/CH Has a New (Touchy-Feely) Sports Bar

What self-respecting frat boy would pound back the beers at a sports bar that invites patrons to “Come Share the Love” and “Enjoy the Happiness”? Here’s the new hand-painted sign up at P.K.’s Sports Bar/Restaurant, Ltd. on the corner of Washington and Park (former home of Utopia):

We’ll wait to hear back from pete_c, who in the Prospect Heights Message Boards announces his intentions to indulge in “Real Guy” activities:

“I’m not a huge fan of the big loud fratty sports bar — unless they have really, really good bar food, see O’Keefe’s over by the courthouse — but this week, my opinion must change.”

“Yes, it’s the first and second round of the NCAA Men’s IA Basketball Tournament. This event brings out the latent frat-boy sports-bar section of my personality … So, for the next few weeks – yay sports bar! Maybe I’ll stop in on my way back from Hedda Gabbler at BAM tomorrow night, for a little cultural dissonance.”

Share the Love, Enjoy the Happiness in the Prospect Heights Message Boards

Announcing: First-Ever DAILY HEIGHTS Real-Life Happy Hour/Raffle

prohoho_window.jpgDear ProHo People, ProHo Babies, Friends of ProHo (FoP) and Members of the Brooklyn Blogerati,

We have been thinking long and hard about some very deep issues. The DAILY HEIGHTS community is so diverse–what is it that unites us? A shared sense of citizenship? A desire for change for the greater good? Or a special fondness for knocking off early and grabbing a pint at the corner pub?

Let’s go with #3:

Thursday, April 28; 6:00 PM til ?; at SODA BAR; 629 Vanderbilt Ave.; 718-230-8393;
Drink specials: $3 pints til 8 pm, more?

DRINK BEER – WIN PRIZES! Thanks to staceyjoy for her generous donation of this HAND-EMBROIDERED “ProHo Ho” T-shirt (pictured), which we will raffle off, along with a men’s version (maybe “ProHo Pimp”? Is that too obvious?).

We’re seeking a third raffle item, so if you or your business has something to donate, let us know. All proceeds from the raffle go toward planning more DH events, of course.

This sounds great, but I have a baby, and… Great! So do we! SODA is a baby-friendly (or at least baby-tolerant) establishment. Bring ’em by. Off the top of my head, I can think of 3 other younguns who will be there to play with–and exchange germs with–your kid.

“Excuse me, are you Jewish?” (No, and I’m in the middle of a 7-minute mile, do you mind?) The happy hour will be certified Passover-friendly (i.e. potato Vodka, maybe macaroons?) thanks to DAILY HEIGHTS regular QUIG, one of only two Brooklyn members of the Loyal League of Yiddish Sons of Erin. Guess who the other one is (hint: he’s a thumbs-up kind of a guy).

PH Comedy Makes "Time Out"

karithfoster_crowd.jpgCongratulations to Ed Sullivan on Acid and Brooklyn Comedy Company, Prospect Heights’s two regular comedy shows. Both got a decent write-up in Rachel Kramer Bussel’s article, “Kings County of Comedy,” which appears in the April 7-13 edition of Time Out New York.

Elon James White writes: “I don’t think it’s online, but I’m vain enough that I typed up the only part that has something to do with us…”

“As the scene grows, one can’t help but wonder how long it will remain casual. One person upping the ante is Elon James White of the Brooklyn Comedy Company (BcCo) who produces a weekly stand-up show in Prospect Heights and hopes to soon – gasp! – pay his headliners. ‘We’re probably the only independent comedy show holding auditions,’ He says. ‘We’re making it cool to do Brooklyn.'”

BONUS quote from honorary ProHo’er Josh, who hooked up with TONY writer Rachel through the Daily Heights message boards: “Everyone isn’t angling to get on The Late Late Show [with Craig Ferguson], which is nice … I prefer going to places without drink minimums that don’t have autographed pictures of Jerry Seinfeld on the walls.”

[PICTURED: Karith Foster at Brooklyn Comedy Company at last week’s “Ladies First” comedy night]

MONDAY: Female Comedians with TV Credits Playing Prospect Heights for Absolutely Free

ladies first.jpgThat’s pretty much the headline Elon James White of Brooklyn Comedy Company suggested, and that works for Daily Heights. Not as in, “oh, because she’s on TV, she must be good.” But as in, “I haven’t heard of her, but somebody actually thought she was funny enough to have a mass audience, so maybe it will be worthwhile to walk 5 minutes to Washington Avenue THIS MONDAY NIGHT and NOT PAY A COVER to see her. And if she bombs, there are four others on the bill, so that’s good odds, right?”

Here’s a not-bad video clip of Rachel Feinstein on Comedy Central’s official Premium Blend website (click “Watch Now” below her photo).

NOTE: They are actually taking table reservations for this one, so if it sounds like fun, you may want to e-mail Brooklyn Comedy Company.
UPCOMING on April 11th: Another “all star” lineup featuring Christian Finnegan, probably best known for playing “Chad” the white roommate in “The Mad Real World” sketch Chappelle’s Show.

Ripple Bar | 769 Washington Ave. (btw. St. John’s and Lincoln Pl.), Brooklyn, NY 11238. 718-230-4514.

WEEKEND PLANS: Wasabassco Burlesque Review at Southpaw

wbr2web.jpgNichelle sent us this: “A night of live music and the best burlesque acts from the five boroughs starring pin-up cutie Peekaboo Pointe and hosted by the hula-hooping Miss Saturn. Wasabassco Burlesque Review 2 features more than 15 performers, including a snake charmer, tarot card reader, belly dancer, comic, The Wasabassco-a-gogo Dancers, a mermaid, a magician, and more with: Aimee Leigh, Albert Cadabra, Anais Sin, Anita Cookie, the reigning Miss Rivington: Darlinda Just Darlinda, Gothic belly dance by Maiiah, Mama Caliento, Mama Lou, Molly Crabapple, Little Brooklyn, Nasty Canasta, and Scott Rayow. $15.”

Southpaw | 125 5th Ave. in Park Slope, Brooklyn (between Sterling Place and St. John’s Place). 718-230-0236.

Beast Bar: The Legend Grows

Here on the message boards, we have already learned that the beer is cheap, the cocktails are strong, the food is at least decent, and if you don’t pay your rent, allegedly, you may get your door drilled shut while you’re sleeping.

Now, careful reader Laura B points DAILYHEIGHTS regulars to the latest revelations: “Did you notice this fascinating bit of information in a recent Chowhound post about the new restaurant Beast: “The bartender told us that the place used to be a Black Panther bar during the 70s. According to her, the FBI shut it down, and when the owner of Beast first began renovations she found shell casings in the cash register and ancient Rheingold cans scattered on the floor…”

[Photo: Michelle Vignes]

UPDATE: According to the latest anonymous post on the lengthy Beast Bar thread on the message boards, there’s a quarter-page-with-photo write-up of Beast in Time Out New York, and “I hear that Zagat Brooklyn has also contacted you…”

Sunday: Brooklyn Irish-American Parade and "Festivities" Near Farrell's in Park Slope

irish snowdome.JPG

The Brooklyn Irish American Parade is tomorrow (Sun., March 20) at 1 PM, starting at Prospect Park West and Bartel-Pritchard Square (Map) (the traffic circle next to 15th St.); the reviewing stand is at Prospect Park West & 9th. Street. According to this site, the Grand Marshall Is NYPD Deputy Chief Joe Fox, and “dignitaries from the Irish Gov.’t” will be attending. There will be street vendors selling “Irish goods” and after the parade ends, festivities continue near Farrell’s Bar On Prospect Ave.

LEPRECHAUN TRAPPED IN SNOWDOME: redtail365 says he is selling this snowdome to help pay for his daughter’s funeral bill.