The Phantom Apartment Building on Prospect Place

303ProspectPl.jpgVia Susan: “On Saturday morning, there was nothing much on TV except for Ghost, so I watched it. At some point, Patrick Swayze tells Demi Moore (via Whoopi) that his killer is one Willie Lopez, 303 Prospect Place, Apt. 4D. … I walked up the block to find the address and came across a curious neighborhood mystery. There is no 303 Prospect Place…

Sam: I know the man who killed me … His name is Willie Lopez and I know where he lives … Write it down.

O.M.: I ain’t no damn secretary.

Sam: Just do it! God!

O.M.: He’s so testy. What is it you want me to write?

Sam: 303 Prospect Place Apartment 4D.

O.M.: 303 Prospect Place?

Sam: Yeah.

0.M.: It’s my neighborhood.

Sam: Molly, he’s got my wallet, he’s got my key and he was in here … Molly, you got to go to the police. It was a set up. I was murdered.


Willie Lopez lives here []
GHOOOOOST!!!!!!!! [CLT: Speech]

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