Bid Now – Relax Later!

033_raffle_ticket.JPGCheck out the avalanche of swag you can bid on right now or tonight (Thurs., Apr. 28) at the DAILY HEIGHTS happy hour, 6 pm ’til whenever, at Soda Bar (629 Vanderbilt Ave.; 718-230-8393). If I had to guess, I would say that the drawing will take place around 8:15 PM. ish.

MANY THANKS to all the generous supporters! This is a huge validation of the many, many hours we (the collective we) have frittered away on DAILY HEIGHTS when we could have been doing something more productive. To show your gratitude, from here on out you should never buy anything, ever, unless it comes from one of the incredibly intelligent and attractive businesses below!

Can I bid now? You heard right! You can either e-mail an “IOU” to [email protected], or better yet, click here:


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