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Local Toddler Uses Profanity

Caution: This post contains Salty Language.

the finslippy kid.JPGFrom Finslippy, the funniest Parent Blog in Prospect Heights:

“My son has been cursing lately. I don’t believe he’s cursing for effect, as he doesn’t check us for a reaction–as he might do before he, say, brains another child with a dump truck. For example: the other day he made himself comfortable on the couch — Raisins? Check. Sippy cup? Check — and called out: ‘Turn on the TV.’ Before I could respond, he repeated, ‘Turn on the damn TV, please.’ Well!”

“And then yesterday, as he pulled an oversized book from the shelf, he exclaimed, ‘Wow — this is a big fucking book!’ I tried my best not to laugh, but I did anyway. Luckily he didn’t notice, as he was hidden behind the big fucking book.”

LINK: It Can Now Be Revealed [finslippy]

Underhill Playground: No Reno Till September

Underhill_playground_sign_1DELAYED AGAIN: Renovations of the Underhill Ave. playground between Park Place and Prospect Place. Last we heard, they were going to shut the gates at the end of May.

WHY: Tish James via the Prospect Heights Parents list: “I spoke to the Bklyn Commissioner of Parks who informed me of the following; The project has been delayed because Parks Dept. cannot transplant trees during the summer. However, A contractor has been selected, funds are in place and the start date is September. They promised me that the start date was real and will advise if there are any changes.”

THE GOOD NEWS: Kids have all summer to play!

Head Start Finished?

head start.jpgCharles Star writes: “As I was walking to the train this morning, I snapped this photo of workmen taking down the sign for the Medgar Evers Head Start center at Park & Vanderbilt. I don’t know the backstory, but is it possibly a casualty of Bush administration education funding / No Child Left Behind?”

Anybody know anything about this? Here’s the website for the Medgar Evers College Head Start Child Development Center.

UPDATE: oops. Things not looking good for Head Start today.

Head Start Program Faces Uncertain Future [Houston Chronicle]
Head Start abuses anger U.S. lawmakers [Kansas City Star]

New Yahoo Group: Crown Heights Parents

Ellen writes: “In response to several inquiries regarding a similar forum for parents in Crown Heights, and my own desire to connect with like minded folks, I have created a new yahoo group to fullfill this need. If you live in or around Crown Heights, please join the crownheightsparents yahoo group by sending an email to [email protected] And please pass the word to others you may know in the area!”

NEW PLAY GROUPS: “Of course the name and mission is similliar to parkslopeparents – please consider imitation a form of flattery! I also will host a new/second time parents group/playgroup based at the Brooklyn’s Children Museum/Brower Park and my house (days and times to be determined).”

ProHo 4-month-old Deprived of Conversational French, Jiujitsu Lessons

Baby_1Your neighbor Colleen checked in from her Prospect Heights kid bunker: "The Salon interview with the author of the new mommy book "Perfect Madness: Motherhood in an Age of Anxiety" irritated me so much I wrote them a letter:"

"When I think of my
grandmother, who raised nine children on a fireman’s salary — in the
days before disposable diapers! — I find it impossible to take the
whining of ‘Perfect Madness’ seriously."

"I am the mother of
a 4-month-old boy, and while we have not signed him up for lessons in
jiujitsu, conversational French or advanced beekeeping, we are having
an absolutely wonderful time. It can be done! — Colleen"


Ack_my_hatHilary would like to know: "Is there a new mothers/parents group in Prospect Heights that meets
on a regular basis?…. If not, are there any new parents out there interested in forming a group?"

"I am the new mother of a one-month-old daughter and on maternity leave through May. Would appreciate sharing experiences and having my daughter meet other children her age." [Photo: Not Hilary’s kid.]

WHATIS: Dean Street Playground

According to
“Bounded by Dean Street and Bergen Street between 6th Avenue and Carlton
Avenue, this playground takes its name from Dean Street. Dean Street, in turn,
is named for Silas
Deane (1737-1789)
, a Revolutionary War statesman.”

FOUNDED (1948):
acquired the property in 1948. The playground opened that same year: “For
years, although the playground was not officially named, residents referred to
it as Dean Street Playground.”
New additions
included comfort station, slides and swings, four seesaws, sandbox, flagpole,
hopscotch area, asphalt ballfield.
NAMED (1987): Officially designated
“Dean Playground” by Commissioner Stern.
RENOVATED AGAIN (2000): Funds ($70,000)
provided by Mayor Giuliani and City Council Member Mary Pinkett. Safety
surfacing replaced.
TODAY (2005): Go
to the meeting
and find out.

Dean Playground: Will Paco Shoot the Dogs?

21670_gold_retriever_puppyThe Park Slope Courier’s coverage of the Friends of Dean Playground kickoff meeting last month left us a little confused, but one thing’s for certain: ProHo dogs should be on the alert for roving packs of local residents:

"…the meeting got off to a difficult start as a local resident, identifying himself as Paco, got up noting that dogs are not allowed in the park, and that he and his friends would start shooting the dogs."

Hopefully an inside source, who promises us an update on FoDP, can confirm or deny.

HOOPS – for kids

BballFort Greene Sports has spaces available in its 12 &14 year old basketball program. Contact Bob Byer or sign up in person at the Brooklyn School For Career
gymnasium (510 Clermont Avenue, btw Atlantic & Fulton) Timeslot for the 14-year-old division is 3-4 pm Saturdays. Fee for the remaining 8 weeks of games and coaching is $90.   Players who show "tremendous skill" will play for a travel team.

Tots & Tonic – Mom/Dad Happy Hour 3-5 pm Tomorrow

Tt_logo_sm_1Patty reminded us that Tots & Tonic comes to Half Wine Bar Lounge tomorrow (Wednesday, 1/19). If you go, bring a camera and send us some pictures. From T&T: "Tots and Tonic-The Happy Hour for new moms (and dads)
… T & T is a causal baby friendly event for new moms to meet each other."

The T&T website has links to Mom-Run businesses and support networks. They
will link you too, if you have a "Mom-Run Business." (I’m going to have
to ask my friends with Dad-Run Businesses what they think of this linking