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Sex, now that I have your attention

Taken outside of the bodega/newsstand near the Q entrance on Flatbush and Park (PH side of Flatbush). The poster is a plea for the guy who found the wallet to please return it to the bodega. The follow-up message says “Thank you 4 the return (smiley face)”.

Faith in humanity, restored.

Queue Up The Rocky Music

rocky.jpgWe seem to have a competition.

NY1 Reports:
"A surprise competing bid was entered Wednesday for the Brooklyn rail yards where developer Bruce Ratner wants to bring the New Jersey Nets and erect a row of giant skyscrapers."

Also, ltjbukem relays a message from Develop Don’t Destroy:
"Today at 5 pm, EXTELL Company submitted a bid to the MTA to develop the Vanderbilt Yards (aka Brooklyn Atlantic Yards)

Extell responded to DDDb’s call. We met with them along with Marshall Brown of the AYDWS, and went over the UNITY plan with them. We explained to them why the community was opposed to the Ratner proposal, and urged them to put in a proposal to build as per the community guidelines:

We know there are many many questions. What type of bid? How high are they building? How much affordable housing? What process will they go through? How will they work with the community?

Extell will be putting out a Press Release at 5pm today when many of these questions will be answered. "

Has anyone seen the press release from Extell?

Update: Much more info plus a mock up for the Extell proposal from Newsday.

Pinky Swear: You are Not Being Silenced!

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Miss Brooklyn: Meet your Maker


The NY Times goes on a date with Atlantic Yards architect Frank Gehry. Meanwhile, area residents wonder “Why is it crooked?” in the Daily News.

"’Why are the buildings crooked?’ asked Manfred Pastrano, 36, a real estate investor in Prospect Heights, when he saw the latest renderings of the project.

‘That looks like downtown Manhattan,’ said Frederick Nixon, 46, a Transit Authority employee who lives on nearby Vanderbilt Ave. ‘I don’t want to be anywhere near that.’

‘It looks great, but not in Brooklyn,’ agreed Joe Pastore, 61, who lives at 473 Dean St., which would be razed to become center court at the Nets arena, if Ratner has his way.

‘Brooklyn should be Brooklyn, and people should live there with no skyscrapers and office towers. This is a place where people live,’ Pastore said………

But some Brooklynites were impressed by the grand plans for reflecting pools, walkways and sleek high-rise towers that may include up to 7,300 apartments along Atlantic Ave.

“Wow, that’s nice,” said Alex Debranche, 30, who owns an ice cream company in Flatbush.

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, one of the plan’s earliest and loudest cheerleaders, called the latest designs “exciting” and “awe-inspiring.”"

It is interesting that there are plastic slip covers draping some of the buildings- an homage to my Brooklyn grandmother? In any case, Ratner’s bid is expected today. [NY 1]

R&B Funk, Burlesque, Historical Re-enactments, Afro-Punk and Parking Garages: Just another Brooklyn Weekend

priceisright.jpgIf your idea of a weekend getaway simply means getting off of your block for a few hours – but not too far away – dailyheights is right there with you. This is basically the showcase showdown of weekends (the first place showcase showdown, not the sloppy second place one that the contestant with less money is forced to bid on.)

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The Ducks of Cashmere

ducks2small.jpgPROSPECT PARK: Although they aren’t technically in ProHo, it’s obvious that these ducks, Lady Moody and Robert Moses, relate more to our side of Flatbush. Go visit them and their other bird friends at the Vale of Cashmere, which is sporting brand new fountains in its pond. But please, leave that stale bread at home.

Pictured: Lady Moody and Robert Moses argue urban planning
See them in a not-safe-for-work shot.

Islands in the stream, that is what we are

derreck.jpgYou will go to The Islands. You will enjoy some of the best, nay! the best West Indian food Brooklyn has to offer. You will sit in the cozy balcony area and devour an enormous portion (and that’s the small) of savory, spicy, perfectly cooked curry and you will thank the heavens that someone finally got it right. Or, you can just order in and thank the heavens from the comfort of your own home. Also try the flaky Spinach Roti and the Plantains that are just sweet enough and just firm enough to mingle with all the spicy goodness. Both vegetarian entrees – Curry Vegetables with Tofu and the Stew Peas (not so much peas as a variety of juicy beans and dumplings) were uniformly outstanding. Also on the menu; Jerk Chicken, Calypso Shrimp and Escoveitched Snapper. All are reasonably priced, save the Roast Beef w/Yorkshire pudding, a weekend special that will put you out $25 (it wouldn’t be surprising if it were completely worth it, though). Most other entrees range from $6 for a small to $15 for a large and come with rice and peas, sauteed cabbage and a salad. Word from the wise: A small order will do you just fine.

The Islands, 803 Washington Ave off Eastern Parkway, 718.398.3575, noon-10:30 daily
In the photo: Derreck wraps up a Jerk Chicken Salad for a smiling lunchtime customer (you can’t see him, but I promise you he was actually smiling).