R&B Funk, Burlesque, Historical Re-enactments, Afro-Punk and Parking Garages: Just another Brooklyn Weekend

priceisright.jpgIf your idea of a weekend getaway simply means getting off of your block for a few hours – but not too far away – dailyheights is right there with you. This is basically the showcase showdown of weekends (the first place showcase showdown, not the sloppy second place one that the contestant with less money is forced to bid on.)

Tonight! Friday July 1st, 7:30 pm
Keep it great! Give at the Gate! A $3 suggested donation will get you a pristine spot in the Prospect Park Bandshell to grove to the R&B funk of Bilal and Martha Redbone. Take in all the beauty of Prospect Park at night time – the bats! The fireflies! That drunk guy! Brought to you by the wonderful folks at Celebrate Brooklyn.

Saturday July 2nd
Take a leisurely bus tour to the beach, get the B69 on Vanderbilt to Prospect Park South where your chauffeur will be waiting on the B68. Travel up beautiful Coney Island Avenue till you start to smell the Ocean. Navigate through the Russian owned fruit stands until you see sand, then plop your big butt down and build sand castles until 8pm. Then head over to the Coney Island freakshow theater for their Saturday Night Films Series – this week it’s a double feature: Satan in High Heels“A classic exploitation drama about a carnival burlesque dancer who steals from her husband, leaves for New York and becomes a lounge singer”. Then celebrate the 60s go-go scene with Way Out Topless. Don’t try to recreate any scenes from the movies, you will likely get arrested. Just head home on the train because you’ve got a big day ahead of you.
Sunday July 3rd
Today is the historical portion of your weekend getaway extravaganza. Pack a picnic and visit the Lefferts Historic House in Prospect Park and sign a reproduction of the Declaration Of Independence between 1 and 4 pm. Then try to find a nice picnic spot – if you can’t find one then just kick people out of their spot by shouting "Do you even know who I am? I’m on the friggin Declaration of Independence!" Spend the rest of the day lounging in your rightful spot but don’t get too comfortable because it’s time to go get punk in the air-conditioning.

Quickly pick up some soggy patties at Christie’s and head over to BAM for Afro-Punk Weekend. James Spooner’s documentary Afro-Punk "explores race identity within the punk scene. The documentary tackles hard issues such as loneliness, exile, interracial dating, and black power. Cutting between interviews and live concert footage, the film follows the lives of four people who have dedicated themselves to the punk rock lifestyle." Sunday’s viewing is at 6:50.

Monday July 4th
Monday evening ends our crazy out of control Brooklyn getaway bonanza with a bang. Celebrate your freedom the way our founding fathers intended – on the roof of the Fulton Mall Parking Garage. Roof Top Films presents live music by The Mountain Goats followed by a great view of the fireworks. "The body, soul and voice of The Mountain Goats, singer-songwriter John Darnielle, comes to Rooftop Films to perform a classic solo set. His songs — bitter and deadly love stories, character portraits of the wild and lonely, sharp cries of anguish — are astonishingly uplifting. The sparse details of his lyrics are like postcards from long-lost friends, wandering the American wasteland and wondering how they’ll ever survive." Begins at 8pm.

All of this can be your if the price is right. (I dunno – 50 bucks, tops?)