Design Ideas to Brighten Up Your Brownstone

When you think of Brooklyn living, you think of brownstone apartments. The brownstone offers vintage charm with high ceilings, decorative molding and pocket doors. Unfortunately, brownstones can also be dark with awkward bathroom and walking spaces. To keep your brownstone from feeling like a dungeon, there are some simple tips to help you decorate your space and brighten things up.

Let there be light! Depending on the angle of your Brownstone (or if you have a corner lot) it can be a bit difficult to brighten up your living space with just natural light. This makes it very important to have adequate lighting in each room. You may consider installing overhead light fixtures and investing in floor lamps. The type of light bulb you use is also important. Full spectrum light bulbs emit natural looking light which can help augment the lack of sun light in your brownstone. Paint your walls a light color to help reflect sunlight into open spaces. A white shade is the best way to accomplish this goal.

Color your life. Adding bright colors with accent pieces really make a room pop. Consider red decorative pillows or a throw on your neutral colored furniture couch. You can also be creative with your lamp shades and chairs. Another great way to add a little spark to your space is to paint one of your walls a bright color. Try a bright yellow as an accent wall. This will make a room pop as well as help reflect light and brighten up the space.

Furniture types. This is always a touchy subject because it is all about personal preference and budget. Your best bet is to invest in furniture that is more modern than Victorian. Modern furniture is more adaptable and most of the time uses brighter colors and less space that their Victorian counterparts. While modern furniture can range from incredibly expensive to downright affordable, choosing the right pieces that will last should be your number one goal. Now that you have invested in your space, you should make sure your brownstone is secure in order to protect you new investment

Security with style. Since Brooklyn brownstones were built many years ago, most do not have sufficient security. Your first step is to install deadbolt locks on your doors and an alarm system. Second, you need to use them! If you live on the first floor make sure your window bars are secure. If you do not have window bars, you should consider installing them. They are not the most attractive design feature, some may argue they are ugly, but they do deter burglars. Brooklyn brownstone tenants should also consider NYC rental insurance. Protecting your possessions, especially your new decorations, is a great way to ensure you stay financially whole in the event of a theft or fire. You can insure all of your possession for around $20 a month with rental insurance.

Now that you are armed with how to brighten up your dreary brownstone, start hunting for inspiration. Find others who have transformed their brownstone from dark and dreary to bright and inviting. Be the do-it-yourselfer you always knew you could be!



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