499 Dean Street: Don't Brick Me In!!

Newbie EricD posts on the Prospect Heights Message Board:

“Does anyone know what’s going on with the building across from the fire station on Dean St. btw 6th and Carlton? They started closing up all of the windows (except for one apartment) with cinderblocks a couple of days ago. It appears that they are trying to get the last tenant to vacate, but this seems to be a pretty extreme way to go about it. Yesterday, there was a sign hanging out of the occupied apartment saying something like, “I live here, don’t close me in!”

Rumors on the board are that the landlord is trying to clear all the tenants out and sell the building, according to Chris:

“… the last tenant — who has been there since the 60s — does not want to move… Word is her hot water was turned off as well. Its a pretty ugly scene, and I have to wonder whether the Fire Dept. might get involved, seeing as having all the windows bricked up looks like a firefighting nightmare…”

Update: Looks like the owner is trying to get $1.6 million for the 8-unit building… more details on the boards.

Update 2: “Friend of DH” Jotham Sederstrom wrote a great an article on this in the Daily News today (LINK: Her Brick Prison)

Paging Mr. Livanos… LINK: Bricked Up Windows on Dean Street [Prospect Heights Message Board]

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