THE ISLANDS (Pictured) Has a Twin

File under TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE: You all know about , the virtually hidden, hole in the wall Caribbean restaurant generally regarded to be one of the singular culinary experiences in Prospect Heights and Crown Heights (sorry, not giving away the address here – you’ll have to get it from a friend of a friend… you know, like those once-coveted Gmail invites).

Now, it seems that The Islands has a bit of competition from a former Islands chef (there was a split?? sorry to hear it) who’s set up shop as “Island Village,” a short block-and-a-half away from the original place.

HOW GOOD? This may be hyperbole, but compared to the original Islands, djuoh says that Island Village

It’s worth noting that this accolade came from a guy who has been a regular of the original Islands since they opened. He says the new spot just opened up at the intersection of Classon and Lincoln (on the North-East corner of Lincoln) and has a neon sign.

For more about The Islands and its CH doppelganger, check out , a post by Precious Williams on the (yeah, it’s all new to the PS people!)

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