Cat of Deloris Gillespie, Prospect Heights Elevator Murder Victim, Needs a Home

Emily posted this flyer of Bubu, the cat of murder victim Deloris Gillespie. “I was in Joyce this afternoon and saw someone hanging up this sign. Thought it could use a signal boost. It looks like a lovely cat.”

Last month, Deloris Gillespie was burned alive in the elevator of her apartment building on St. John’s Place. She left behind a grieving family, and many sad neighbors in Prospect Heights who counted on her kindness. And now, we find out she left behind this beautiful steel grey cat, who apparently has been living in Gillespie’s apartment.

Wow. It’s not often that a coffee shop flyer merits a double or triple take. This really brings the tragedy back to PH in a very personal way. The more news coverage her death got, the more it felt like an abstract national news story, distant and removed from Prospect Heights.

Can you help this cat find a home?