Atlantic Yards Tower Designs Released

Designs of the new Atlantic Yards tower were released showing a 350-unit building that features rectangular shapes and glass. The building will be located directly behind the Barclays Center, the new Nets arena. Construction is set to begin in 2012. The tower has been designed to save time and money using modular building technology. In fact, the Atlantic Yards tower will be the tallest modular building in the world. It was reported by the Atlantic Yards Report that the modular construction is “largely untested at this height.”

New York Times reported that the Atlantic Yards project will bring “upwards of 17,000 union construction jobs and over 8,000 permanent jobs,” While the city could use the jobs, Prospect Heights residents are less than excited about the building’s appearance. Locals had this to say on Brooklyn forum about the building’s design, “behold the largest lego structure this side of the Hudson” and “OMG, it’s 1980! How did I miss that time-warp???”

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