White Liberals, Running and Screaming, Too Busy Preserving Little Community To Give A Damn About Blacks, Hispanics

28_22kiss1.jpg[PICTURED: Bertha Lewis of ACORN kisses Michael Bloomberg; Tom Callan in the Brooklyn Papers]

Found on Develop-Don’t Destroy: “In Thursday’s, June 9th, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Ms. Lewis is quoted as saying this:”

“‘…It is because of race and class that whenever you have a small group of white liberals running and screaming about something, people think its important.” and “What about the thousands of low-income people of color who say that this is a good opportunity, that this could give us jobs and affordable housing? They don’t have to worry about affordable housing. They don’t give a damn about people of color. All they care about is preserving their little Prospect Heights community.

We here at DAILY HEIGHTS have suspected this all along, because we have our finger on the pulse of the community. Here are some relevant comments, posted anonymously a few months back, on our dailyheights forums:

“I am so sick of all of the Yuppies and Gentrifiers moving into what used to be a GREAT Neighborhood. I can’t wait for stadium to be built and for rents to go up. When that happens, the only people who will be able to afford to live in the neighborhood will be the super-rich and the super-poor!…”

“… guess what folks? The drug dealers, loud music, and people from the ‘hood aren’t going anywhere. And neither are the barber shops, hair salons, or nail salons. People of Color (me included!), like to look good. We take pride in our appearance and can appreciate a good manicure every week. So, if you’re gonna live in Prospect Heights, get used to everything about it.”

“I can’t wait for Ratner to tear down those overpriced lofts! I can’t wait for the ball players to take over Brooklyn! Jay Z is coming. P-Diddy is coming. And the Nets are coming. I am so, so, excited! Ya’ll ain’t ready for the African-American Nouveu Riche.

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