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FOUNTAIN is a Prospect Heights Studio Known for Unexpected and Interesting Works

Fountain Studios - Prospect Heights - Cool Travel

Fountain Studios, an artist studio and project space in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn since 2008, houses 11 studios and a gallery. It’s also a performance, project, and community space and. It’s also the location of Fountain Fair, a vintage and handmade goods craft market.

Curated and directed by Troy Hagenbart and Susan Gargulio (husband and wife), Fountain has showcased quite a few Brooklyn locals. What Fountain likes to do is two-person shows, so they can “spin contrasting bodies of work into unexpected dialogue,” says Lost at E Minor, “Drawing parallels between installation, experimental music, photography, painting, and sculpture.”

Upcoming at Fountain studies is the MassArt Alumni Show, taking place from February 4th – March 3rd, with an opening reception on Saturday, February 4th from 7-10 pm. Featured artists include Juan Jose Barboza,  Kevin Buchholz, John Burkett, Bruce Campbell, Stephanie Cardon, Natalie Collins, Stephanie Costello, Alex DeMaria, Hilary Doyle, Kate Goyette, Don Hershey, Janne Holtermann, Phil Jung, Jessica M. Kaufman, Marketa Klicova, Robert Knight, Wilson Lawrence, Sebastien Leclerq, Rob Lomblad, Sarah Lubin, Billie Mandle, Sarah Moran, Matt Murphy, Irina Rosovsky, Owen Rundquist, Erik Schubert, Rebecca Sittler, Catherine Stack, Lou Susi, David Tames, Elizabeth Thach, Joey Tipton, Johanna Warwick, Bahar Yurukoglu, and Michael Zachary.